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Hypnosis is

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all come into and out of many times daily. It is the slow, deep, inner consciousness we go into when we have a creative idea, daydream, or remember something.

Think of a time when your mind naturally drifted to a pleasant memory or to something that happened a few days back followed by your attention coming back to where your body is. You were in hypnosis! This is the subconscious mind, where your beliefs live. And it's the design studio for your outer reality. Like a cable station or website that broadcasts 24 hours a day, your subconscious mind is always thinking about your life, even if you don't have it "tuned in"!!! And what's being broadcast largely determines how you behave and what you experience!

Hypnotherapy is

Hypnotherapy is having a trained professional facilitate you going into hypnosis to explore and work with the way your deep mind thinks about some area of your life. Hypnotherapy helps you to create the life you want by connecting your conscious and subconscious minds: In other words, going into and shaping the way your deeper mind thinks about things in your outer life.

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People get into hypnosis in a variety of ways and that's why I offer you a variety of services. What they all have in common is mental and physical engagement, identification and affirmation of your authentic self, and relaxed, intentional participation to get you living the life you want. The fun is in finding the right symbolic form that effectively engages your mind and allows it to work with the images, be they sound, movement, or visuals!

Yes, most people find hypnotherapy relaxing and interesting, even fun! Hypnotherapy focuses you on what you want rather than on what you don't want. Anyone can be hypnotized if they want to be.

Hypnotherapy isn't

There are many Hollywood stereotypes about losing control of yourself or your actions while in hypnosis. Most people can recall their mental and physical experiences during hypnosis. Hypnotherapy isn't psychotherapy either, although it can lead to insight and understanding. It's consistently both relaxing and empowering, and quite frequently actually entertaining!

How you use hypnotherapy

Use hypnotherapy to:

  • Reach goals
  • Change habits
  • Explore dreams
  • Improve skills/performance
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Release phobias
  • Come to terms with old "baggage"
  • Become the person you want to be
  • Address and improve medical conditions
  • Manage pain
  • Tap into inner wisdom and knowledge

Almost any of these goals and benefits of hypnosis can be provided to groups as well as individuals! Ask me about facilitating hypnosis for your group or organization!

The State of California...

...requires me to inform you that Hypnotherapy is a self-regulated and a certified, not a licensed, profession. This means that I successfully passed the 200 hour program at Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Santa Rosa and am certified as a Hypnotherapist by that State-approved and -licensed school. I do not do medical diagnosis; nor am I a licensed physician or medical practitioner. I provide hypnotherapy services, which give high-quality alternatives for people seeking to work with their other than conscious minds.

A Typical Session

A session usually consists of talking for a while with your Hypnotherapist about what you want in a given area of your life. Then you engage in some easy mental relaxation exercises. When you are deeply relaxed, the Hypnotherapist presents back to your deep mind in various forms what you have said you want for your life. There are a wide variety of powerful and creative techniques for working with any area of your life that you can think about! Either one single session or a series of sessions may be needed depending on what you want to accomplish.

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